We want you to contribute


We are looking for Activity Chairs!

You won't be going it alone.  We have mentors to help you out!

Contact Kathy Crawford if you are thinking about chairing an activity group.

Kathy: (317) 331-6611 call or text

email Kathy at bettykittenus@yahoo.com


Walking Along the Shore

Start date: Monday October 14th at 6:45 am

Meet at the Fairhope Pier.  We will walk for an hour in the parks by the bay.   Please join us for exercise and fellowship, but please be prompt. We will begin at 6:45 am.

Chair:  Kathy McGuire 


New Activity Groups



Please email the Mahjong Chair.

  1. Advise the chair that you are interested in playing and
  2. if you have a Mahjong set.

Please reply to Sandy Haight at sjh737@att.net or (251) 517-7641


Bon Appetit V

Do you enjoy cooking and potluck-style meals?  Our new Chair, Elaine Grunther, is a very fun-loving person.  Share your recipes and enjoy the fun.  This is our most popular activity group!  Hurry to sign up because space is limited.  Call or text Elaine at (410) 245-4850  or email pinklady58@verizon.net

Enjoy dining

Let's Do Lunch!

Enjoy dining at local gourmet restaurants hosted by Louise Wallace.  This group is open to all, but limited to 10 Newcomers a month.  Don't delay your RSVP as this group is a smashing success!  Call or text Louise at (305) 794-2435 or email her at n2j30s@gmail.com with your RSVP.